I am an artist, dog mom, and native Bostonian living in and working just outside the city.  Predominately a painter using acrylics, oils, and almost anything else I can try.  I am passionate about experimenting in art, exploring with both medium and style.  For me, there is an undeniable pull to "see what happens". I let the mood take me, the music consume me, the art become what it wants.  I love the unexpected; the emergence of something new.

As a contemporary figurative artist, my art is often about a moment; the feelings that tie into it, the mood it struck, the tangibility of it.  My abstract and simple backgrounds are an opportunity for each viewer to finish that moment and make it their own. Each image is important to me. The process is my emotional outlet, a kind of transcendence for mood, thought, and the manifestation of a feeling.  Strength, comfort, and confidence come into play as much as qualities from the darker side of self-expression; anxiety, sorrow, doubt.  My hope is that you are moved to feel something through these representations as well.


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Make something that wasn't there before.